Headaches are unpleasant and can really get into the way of you living your life. Never knowing when one will strike or how severe it will be can lead to you changing how you work and socialize, and this isn’t a way anyone should have to live.

If you’ve been exploring alternative treatments for treating headaches and have visited your doctor to determine that nothing underlying is creating the pain. Then you might want to consider using an essential oil like peppermint oil to find relief.

Go to Essential Oils for period painWhat’s so special about peppermint oil?

Perhaps the most noticeable effect of peppermint oil is its cooling qualities. This is because it contains menthol, which when applied to the skin activates its cold receptors, giving it a unique scent and sensory qualities. The most well-known and popular use for this oil is as a digestive aid. When ingested, it can relax the stomach muscles and speed up digestion, which can reduce nausea and digestive pain.

Peppermint Oil has been used in treating these symptoms and dates backs to ancient Greece. Its use today, as well as menthol’s presence in many over the counter medications, proves that it remains effective. But does this mean it can help with headaches?

Peppermint oil and headaches

Peppermint oil has been proven to reduce tension headaches in those suffering from it. Trials conducted reveal that patients who used peppermint oil experienced a reduced headache intensity and analgesic effect after just 15 minutes. The pain reduction and time to kick in was comparable with a similar group who took acetaminophen (the active ingredient in paracetamol). This is significant, as peppermint oil does not cause side effects, unless ingested or inhaled in large amounts. It is non-addictive, making is a healthier and safer alternative to pain medication. An excellent brand of Essential oil is from Young Living. You can save money too by buying it directly yourself from YL.

Essential Oils for period pain

Accessing pain relief

It’s important to note how pain relief is experienced with peppermint oil. To experience the benefits and get relief from pain, you need to have a 10% peppermint oil preparation and it needs to be applied to the temples repeatedly over a half hour period. It seems like topical application of this essential oil directly to the head has the quickest and most direct effect.

Why not try peppermint essential oil for headache pain relief today?