What are the best Essential Oils for hot flashes and night sweats?

Essential oils for hot flashes and night sweats

One of the most unpleasant symptoms of menopause is hot flashes and night sweats. Night sweats deprive you of a good night’s rest. And leave you drained and irritable during the day and hot flashes attack without warning leaving you uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Whatever approach you’re taking to manage your menopausal menopause, essentials oils could help you to manage these unpleasant symptoms.

Here are the best essential oils for hot flashes and night sweats

1. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage essential oil is a deep, earthy scented oil that’s thought to have an impact on mood. There are studies showing it has anti-anxiety and anti-depressive qualities. Clary Sage is also known as Salvia.

Several women have reported relief from menopausal symptoms thanks to an application of the Clary Sage essential oil. Keep this one in your handbag for when one strikes and dab a few drops onto the back on your neck for immediate and discreet relief.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is well known for having a cooling effect. So it’s only natural that it would make a great addition to any menopausal women’s arsenal. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to an unscented body wash (along with a cool shower) is a great way to cool off. It can also be massaged into the skin afterward for an added benefit. Because of its pleasant and recognizable smell, many women are comfortable having it linger all day, reapplying the oil as necessary. Peppermint Oil may also be good for headaches. It is worth a try if you suffer from headaches along with your menopause symptoms.

3. Lavender Essential Oils

Menopausal women struggle to fall asleep due to general discomfort. Lavender has long been suggested as a sleep aid, and a growing body of scientific evidence tells us that its benefits are real. Try spraying lavender oil on your bedding to experience its scent before sleeping. Combined with a natural sleeping aid like melatonin, it could help you ride out the worst of your hot flash without having to take expensive medication.

The best essential oils for hot flashes and night sweats

An Important Note on Essential Oils

Whether you’ve just entered menopause or are in the midst of it, always make sure you speak to your healthcare provider before trying any essential oils for menopause relief. Most essential oils cannot be applied directly to the body without being diluted in a carrier oil. Make sure to investigate your options thoroughly before proceeding. It can be helpful to apply a small amount to the inside of your arm to test if your skin will react to the essential oil.

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