What Are The Best Essential Oils for Toddler Sleep?

No matter your age, a lack of sleep can have all kinds of negative effects on your immune system and how your body controls inflammation. Additionally, it may disrupt daily life, which may affect toddlers’ emotions, behaviors, and cognitive development. Which is the last thing they – or you as a parent – need. However, many toddlers do struggle to sleep.

An increasing number of adults are turning to essential oils to help boost their health, and indeed to help them rest and relax. But how about young children? Are there essential oils for toddler sleep that will help them get the rest they need? Read on to find out.

The Best Essential Oils for Toddler Sleep

There are a number of essential oils for toddler sleep that are widely used. And lots of parents consider effective and that experts say can be safely used, including all the following:


Lavender has long been used to promote rest, relaxation and sleep. It can be as effective for toddlers as it is for adults, making this a great essential oil to keep stocked in the medicine cabinet. Moms and Dads can benefit from its soporific properties as much as their child can.

Sleep is not the only thing that lavender oil is useful for either. Many of the relaxing compounds found in lavender can also help speed the healing of wounds, soothe allergic reactions, stop infections, and relieve eczema. Studies show that lavender relieves the pain and itching brought on by insect bites, bee stings, and skin irritations. And because lavender is so gentle and calming, even sensitive skin—which toddlers unquestionably have—usually tolerates it very well.

Roman Chamomile

Like lavender, chamomile has long been renowned for its relaxing properties and its pleasant smell is another plus too. In addition to its ability to promote better sleep – even in excitable toddlers – research has found that chamomile can be used to help ease anxiety and to improve digestion and soothe a gassy stomach, even when applied topically. Once again this means that this versatile essential oil is a great one to stock at home as the whole family may be able to benefit from its use.

Essential Oil Safety and Toddlers

What Are The Best Essential Oils for Toddler Sleep?Knowing how to use the best essential oils for toddler sleep safely is obviously very important. Firstly, even if some essential oils are labeled for oral use by adults they should never be given to children in that way. You should make sure that any essential oils you buy are pure, and free of artificial additives, coloring and perfumes.

You should also never apply undiluted essential oils directly to your toddler’s skin. Instead you should make use of a safe carrier oil, like almond oil or coconut oil, or, perhaps even easier, make use of an essential oil diffuser. Many parents add an essential oil diffuser to their child’s bedroom – placed safely out of their reach. The best essential oils for toddler sleep are easy to add to the bedtime routine.