If you make up the 15% of the world’s population that suffers from migraines, you’ll know just how debilitating this condition can be. While it’s always best to seek a diagnosis from a specialist. But many people like to supplement this with alternative remedies. If you’re wondering what essential oils may help with migraines, then this blog will help you make the right selection.

Lady at a desk with a migraine

Different pain, different symptoms of Migraines

Is a migraine just a really bad headache? Not at all. A migraine is usually accompanied by other symptoms. Headache sufferers rarely encounter, such as nausea, vomiting, extreme sensory sensitivity and the inability to move without making the migraine pain worse. It is suspected to be caused by irritation and swelling in the blood vessels of the brain. This in turn can impact blood flow in this area. Some people find it is triggered by hormones, certain foods or weather conditions, while with others it can strike at any time no particular reason.

Treating migraine symptoms with essential oils

Due to your increased sensitivity, it’s important to use a pure oil and to combine it with an unscented carrier oil for maximum impact. These essential oils help with migraines –

  • Ginger Essential Oil– migraine induced nausea can strike without warning. Keep ginger essential oil on you to reduce these unpleasant feelings and soothe your stomach. Inhalation causes the oil to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream where its impact can be felt almost immediately. Using the essential oil in an Air diffuser.
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil – in the Middle Ages this oil was known as ‘Clear Eyes’ for its ability to reduce strain and fatigue in the eye. If you’re experiencing blurred or sensitive vision due to your migraine, place a few drops on a hot, damp cloth and drape it over your closed eyes.
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil – this distinctive smelling oil is known for its cooling effect. But it also has analgesic properties too, which means it can reduce pain perception by creating numbness. It can help reduce migraine pain around the head, on the neck and even into the shoulders. Be sure to use a carrier oil to make sure the smell and concentration doesn’t bother you.

As science progresses, there’s no doubt that the cause – and cure – for migraines could be soon discovered. Until then, essential oils are an age-old remedy that may be relied on to provide relief from migraines.

Please remember that you will get what you pay for with essential oils. Make sure you use pure 100% essential oils like those from Young Living, they are world leaders in Essential oils.